01- Color Analysis

Color analysis is done by an image consultant who helps you defining which colors enhance your image, your skin, eyes and hair colors. They are divided in four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. The color analysis has to be realized in the morning under natural daylight using specific tissues called drapes. This study was originally developed at the Bauhaus School in Germany by swiss art professor Johannes Itten at the beginning of the twenties.


02- body geometry

evaluation of your body type and its proportions. You will discover what to highlight and what to hide in your body, which dresses enhance your silhouette and which ones should be avoided.


03- facial geometry

evaluation of your facial type, indication of accessories, haircut and make-up in order to enhance the shape of your face.


04- Style analysis

Definition of your predominant style and of your desired style. What are the dresses features that are going to reflect in a more secure way your personality.


05- wardrobe analysis

Evaluation of your wardrobe’s pieces and identification of key pieces that need being incorporated, taking into account your personal objectives, your body type and your style.


06- outfit elaboration

Coordination of 10 complete outfits with accessories and shoes in accordance with the proposed style and with your body type, divided by occasion. At the end of the process you will receive a personal dossier with personalized recommendations regarding your body type, style and with outfits elaborated for your inspiration and to facilitate your future shopping.


07- Personal shopper

For those who don’t have time for shopping,  who hate spending hours facing queues or for those who simply don’t like to go from one shop to another to choose what they’re looking for. You don’t need to go through all that anymore. Your personal shopper will do all that for your in a personalized way, by giving you an added value  while sparing your valuable time.