Hallo everybody! Today I am bringing you a review of a palette which is being super commented at the moment: Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette “Rose Gold Edition”. This palette has 18 colors, all of them being of warm background. It was inspired by the northern hemisphere’s autumn that just begun. It was launched here in Dubai last October and, it’s clear, I bought it immediately. It’s selling price in Dubai is AED 250.00 (approximately 68 US$). img_1648-huda-beauty

Let’s now talk about the shadow’s quality. The textured shadow are awesome! They have a gel texture and in the meantime they seem powder. The only one among them that crumbles a little bit is the 24K. All mat shadow crumble, some more, some less…but nothing that bothers me. They fix divinely to the eyelid and last all day long, I can guarantee. The other colors blend well and although black not being much pigmented, I think it’s better in order to build the color. In spite of it, they also are wonderful at time to remove. They melt easily with the usage of a makeup remover or a neutral soap.img_1644-huda

Here I made a sample of the colors in two different types of skin. One demonstration on a darker skin and another on a fair skin, being the first one on my arm and the second one on my friend’s pretty white skin: look at the difference!


Just look at how colors look different on a different type of skin.

In my opinion these are colors that suit any skin tone.


On the back it is advised to apply the textured shadow with the fingertip and it works very well. To use it with a brush is frustrating.
huda-beautyI hope you enjoyed. See you soon with my next review!