2000I never imagined that I’d love mini dresses that much. But it’s true. This sober and delicate color confer a particular charme. The result could have been even better with a finer and more delicate belt. My suggestion: smaller ladies must pay attention to dress’ length. Have you seen how wonderful my hair? It was my friend Thassio Leal’s work. Thassio is a great brazilian hairdresser working in London. So ladies, if you are in London and are looking for a great hairdresser do not forget to contact him. Https://www.facebook.com/bthassiomleal. For me he created a greek style braid.L.G 1

L.G 5


L.G 6Warm colors are associated with sun and fire and here I am wearing two in order to warm-up a sunless day. My suggestion: blocking colored outfits are always valid in summer.